Pre-School Program

The preschool program of Trinity Christian School is designed to provide spiritual, social, intellectual and physical experiences which will benefit your child as they enter school.


Children enrolling in Trinity Christian Preschool must be preschool age and at least three years old by December 1 for our PreK-3 program and at least four years old by December 1 for our PreK-4 program.  Children must be toilet-trained and must have the required immunizations for their age.


PreK-4:    Monday-Friday 8:45-11:45 am

PreK-4:    Monday-Friday 8:45-2:30 pm

PreK-3:    Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8:45-11:45 am

PreK-3     Monday-Friday 8:45-11:45 am

Listed below are some topics we cover during the school year:

Holidays               Calendar                      Matching                     Seasons      

Animals                       Opposites                      Friendship                  Plants

Feelings                 Sharing                       Weather                       Counting 

Family Member Names                   Transportation             Safety Rules

Family Experiences                Farms              Be Polite           Street Address

Community Helpers                  Take Turns        Colors          Circus

Follow Directions               Shapes              Zoo                        Self Control

Show & Tell                   Bible Stories                  Name Recognition        Games

Class Nursery Rhymes                 Writing First Name