PTO Meeting 10/26/17

Trinity Christian School PTO Meeting Thursday, October 26, 2017 @ 7p TCS, 3rd /4th Grade Room

In Attendance at TCS

Teacher Rep- Christine Harris

Core Team, Minute taker – Erica McFarland

Lindsay Radt

Natalie Casey\

In Attendance via Conference Call

Najah Mabins

1.) Welcome/ Open Prayer

We discussed –

2.) PTO Structure

** Our desire is that as we share about the upcoming events that EVERYONE that is willing and

able to get plugged in to help & volunteer somewhere!! **

A. Core team / committee

– Please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to be apart of a core team of the PTO

instead of a traditional president, VP, secretary / minute taker, treasurer roles. This would allow the

roles of the PTO supporting the school to be spread out so that no one person would need to do all

the work.

B. Event Coordinators – Christmas reception , Valentine’s Formal, Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser (dinner,

basket/donations) Open House(s), Food trucks, Teacher Appreciation luncheon, Super Parents breakfast

& Chapel, Graduation reception, Other Family Fun Event, liaison between the school & church

-the event outlines are in the works of being finalized

-Please let us know if there is an area that you would be interested in learning more about what it is to be

an event coordinator!

-Veteran’s Chapel & donuts – no longer a PTO responsibility. Pastor is coordinating and invites already

sent out

C.Updated School Constitution

—The PTO constitution is in the process of being updated . If you have any suggestions please let us


2.) Event Updates

A. Chicken BBQ 10/21 (7th/8th grade fundraiser) – no longer PTO responsibility

B. Grandparents’ Day

3.) Upcoming PTO Support Event

Mrs. Fretthold has asked the PTO to come alongside special daytime school events and support the

teachers/staff where needed

A. Pumpkin Day

1.Traditional Pumpkin Painting 8:15-9:30a

2. Pumpkin Day Classroom Parties 2pm

-Pumpkin Day was a success all day! Thank you to all of the parents that made the traditional pumpkin

painting and classroom parties a success and fun for our students!

B. Family Fun & Fellowship Event – need event coordinator & to schedule next event C. Sports Spirit Day

– next basketball

D. Christmas Shop

-Dec 13th, 14th & 15th

-Lindsay Radt will be there to coordinate and over see the Christmas shop

-will need help 1-2 people to help setup & drop off Tuesday, December 12

-will need help cleaning up Friday, December 15th

E. Pancake Breakfast

– we will need parents to help with the event, more details to follow

3.) PTO Fundraisers

A. Amazon

1. SmileAmazon

-account is now set up, 0.5% will be earned for qualifying orders (excluding tax and shipping), after $5 is

earned in a quarter it’ll be deposited in the school’s bank account, if $5 has not been earned in four

quarters the $0-$4.99 will then be deposited

2. Amazon Teacher/Staff Wishlist

-Mrs. Fretthold will be sharing at the next staff meeting

-Teachers are now working on their wishlists

B. Box


PTO Meeting 9/28/17

Trinity Christian School PTO Meeting Thursday, September 28, 2017 @ 7p

TCS, 3rd /4th Grade Classroom

In Attendance at TCS

1.Teacher Rep – Kathy Fretthold, principal

2.Bryana Haas

3.Shannon Dennison

4.Roberta DeMoura

5.Najah Mabins

6.Julianna Patterson

7.Danae Parent

8.Sarah Horan

In Attendance via Conference Call

9.Erica McFarland, minute taker

10.Joni Canastraro

11.Michelle Steffans

12.Lindsay Radt



1.) Welcome/ Open Prayer – Kathy Fretthold

-We welcomed people both attending in person AND on the conference call, THANK YOU ALL for

taking the time out of your busy schedule to be here and support our school!

* we let attendees , and received their consent to (AUDIO) RECORD PTO meeting *

The following was discussed at tonight’s PTO Meeting –

2.) Defining the purpose of Trinity PTO

-function of the school

-positive, enriching and for the good of our students

-forum for questions & discussion about school events and purpose

-FROM TCS PTO Pamphlet

*Help create and establish a closer relationship between the home and school

*Share ideas and strategies that enhance or improve the students’ educational experience

*Provide fellowship and educational activities for students and families

*Provide support for fundraisers school event

3.) School Constitution

-Review at home

-Kathy will submit and additions and edits to the School Board for approval

4.) 2017-18 Trinity School Events

-(PTO) Welcome Event, Camping / Bonfire Fellowship Event

-(PTO) Grandparents’ Day 10/11 @ 8:30a-11a

*need a parent to shop

-Chicken BBQ , 10/21, 7th/8th grade class trip fundraiser

-(PTO) Pumpkin Day 10/31, pumpkins donated from farmers in the TCL congregation,

a. will need 2-3 parents to help spray paint pumpkins so that students can paint/draw faces on

10/30 afternoon

b. set up / clean up tables with painting stations

c. parents to assist as kids paint

-(PTO) Christmas program reception (Dec)

-(PTO) Spring Spaghetti Basket Fundraiser (March)- scholarships

-(PTO) Walk-A-Thon (June)- technology

-(PTO)Easter Chocolate Sales (Feb)- publicity

-(PTO)Spring Musical reception (May)

-(PTO)Parent/Guardian Superhero Breakfast (May)

-(PTO) Family Fun Fellowship Events

a. Thursday, October 12 – Cheer on our Trinity Hawk’s Soccer Team

Wear Trinity or School Colors all day!

3pm – Fun with TCS families ; snacks & make signs to cheer on out team

5:30ish – after the game is finished, stay for pizza ($2/ person or $10/family)

b. Student Book Exchange

c. Other ideas – bowling event, skating event

-Homeroom parents – responsible for classroom parties and delegating special school events that

happen during the school day (in the past the staff has tried to do on their own, but it’s has become

more challenging now with the increase in enrollment)

5.) Communication

-Increase communication & communication tools to use for the TCS families, between the church &

school, community etc

*Trinity PTO Pamphlet – draft

*Create New Trinity PTO FB group, and Social Media

*emails, paper handouts, school newsletters

*possibly appoint a person to be the liaison between TCS and TLC

*Parent Portal , Gradelink – target launch date 11/1 , will need a “Chief Communications officer” for this

6.)PTO format / structure change

– discussed changing from having traditional roles such as Pres, VP, Sec, Treasury to a PTO Core

Team / Committee (still need a person to facilitate PTO meetings , take minutes )

-we do not need a PTO member to attend every School Board meeting

-discussed that we’d like to see 1-2 to coordinate / lead / Event Manager for each event, and then

delegate to help spread the responsibilities ; don’t want all the responsibilities of the PTO / school

events to fall on the shoulders of just 1-2 people

-let’s work better as a TEAM! When we share the responsibilities we ALL will understand the heart of

our school and students better!

-in the past the PTO has functioned more as a fundraising committee, this school year we will strive to

create a separate fundraising committee which will allow the PTO to focus more on the PTO purposes

(stated above), fellowship & effective communication

-our hope is that we will have more TCS family & church involvement

7.) Update List

-Kathy will ask teachers and staff to give us the detailed needs for each event

-asking each family to sign up for a minimum of 2 volunteer / contribution opportunities

– list will continue to be update

8.) PTO Fundraising Events

– these programs , events will be used for PTO specific events and responsibilities

a. Santa’s Secret Workshop – used same company, Raygay sales, for 4yrs , need to let company

know within a week

b. Smile Amazon

c. Community Days – BonTon Coupon Booklets

9.) Fundraising

a. Annual / Legacy Fundraiser (March), 2yrs! Thank you to Sarah Webster for organizing that !


$10,000+ (2016)

$15,000+ (2017)

Examples of things purchased with funds-

*purchased robotics kits

*more Chrome books for all 5th-8th grade

*begin and build up an endowment fund

*new playground set

*remodeled bathrooms finally !

-NEW , asking teachers to create an Amazon “wishlist” for items needed in their classroom

10.) Open Houses

– Fall Open house was scheduled for Saturday , October 21 will NOT work now, 3 teachers out of

town, and BBQ, need to RESCHEDULE!

* Beneficial for new families to look and confirm both a Fall & Spring Open House

– also have had a January Open House as well

– should we reintroduce “Welcome Wednesdays” by appointment for new families to visit in the


11.) Misc / New Ideas

-we’d love to have a fresh new look at the year!

– Buffalo Ski Club , can have a Trinity Community Night, suggested by Julianna Patterson . She will

look into the details of that.

-Mom’s Night Out!

-Trinity Apparel – in the midst of switching companies to print Trinity apparel

Close in Prayer – Erica McFarland

Next PTO Meeting – Thursday, October 26th @ 7pm, 3rd/4th Grade Classroom at TCS


PTO Meeting 5/2/2017


PTO Meeting 05-02-2017

02 May 2017 / 6 PM / ROOM 3/4  


At Trinity
President – Lindsay Radt
VP- Kristen Coffee
Secretary – Erica McFarland

Lynne Pokigo
Rita Heck

Via Conference Call:

Kathy Fretthold, principal
Bryanna Haas
Elisa Jones

Opening Prayer – Erica McFarland
Welcome – Lindsay Radt


Last Meeting Follow-up

  1. Open House/Food Trucks/Spring Fling – 11 Families toured & signed in, at least one family shadowing, many others seemed serious about looking at the school and considering it for their child(ren)
    *Feedback – overall a successful event, families like being able to be apart of a TCS event at the end, Spring Fling
    *Donations- some were collected for the Southtowns Care Center
    *Follow up- handwritten thank you notes & a phone call from Mrs. Fretthold will be given to the 11 families that signed in to the Open House ; a follow-up phone call will be given 1 more time if they don’t respond to the first two modes of communication
    *Food trucks3 out of the 4 trucks came.  Next year we need to come up with other trucks that are different and unique.
    *This year – Cheesy Chick, R&R BBQ, Green Acres Ice Cream –  Dirty Birds DID NOT Show
    *ideas for next year – Coyote Cafe, Lloyd’s, Chef’s, Amy’s , IF we have enough people (trucks want 100-150 people per food truck, dessert separate) *need to reach out and book earlier in the year!!
    THANK YOU to all that came to paint & spruce up the school, setup & help with the many areas to make the Open House & Spring Fling a success! We so appreciate you!
    2. Mural
    -Discussed updating the mural or Replacing it with new christian art & scripture.
    If so what ideas can we put up on the wall instead?
    *Christian Art & Bible Verse Wall Decal
    *Update with a new handpainted wall mural , Rita knows someone that she will connect with for this
    *fresh gray paint to coordinate with update hallway walls
    *updating existing mural, warming it up

New Business

  • Muffins with moms (May 10th) —  all supplies will be purchased by staff. Erica has some leftover plates, cups, centerpieces, tablecloths from the Spring Fling that can be used. Erica will take pics of moms/grandmother’s/special mother figures in front of photo backdrop
  • Teacher appreciation day (May 5th) — getting volunteers to watch over the kids while teachers meet over in the narthex for a luncheon.
    -Approx 12:30p, Kathy spoke to 2 parents will to volunteer & 1 staff member must be there  to watch students while they watch a movie (also Principal of the Day, Amelia Radt)
  • Walk-a-thon (May 25th) – have to purchase the ice cream and toppings have at least 2 scoopers/toppers.
    Lynne has a list of supplies from Katie Willert, and will purchase them.
    Leftover TCS reusable water bottles will be available to purchase for $2, or if student raises $25+ they will earn a TCS water bottle
  • Annual Campaign Update— Sarah Webster is going to give us an updated $ on Tuesday morning, but she said as of right now we have raised $15,212.50 –  $1359 (for all of the mailings etc).
    Promo video –  Thank you to Ryan Daley for setting up the paypal account for Annual Fund Campaign & TCS Promo video
  • Playground update – Going with Option #4 — Unless the staff has strong feelings otherwise.
    -Bryana had also asked Mrs. Fretthold before the meeting if it is possible to add any single ride ons. It is possible, but it’ll depend on budget / cost, and it needs to be looked into further.
    -it was also discussed that the existing playset needs to be painted/stained
    – if enough funds raised a rock wall might be attended to Option #4
  • Bathroom Updates – will be done this summer 2017!
    1. Girls bathroom- 1 smaller toddler toilet, storage, updated light fixtures, faucets, mirrors & more
    2. Boys bathroom – urinals retiled,divider between sink & urinals * for privacy,new heat pipes & more
    3.Faculty / Adult bathroom – *will be expanded and updated to be handicap accessible !
    -Can use leftover gray paint from the hallways for bathrooms, possibly bring back to Home Depot and tint a little deeper
    -Talked about adding wall decals
    Girls’ – Proverbs 31:25 “She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”
    Boys’-Joshua 1:9 “be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”
  • PTO
    – PTO Kickoff Event in the fall – date TBA
    -PTO Subgroup that will  specifically focus on fundraising so the PTO can focus on coming along side of the school in such things like special events, field trips, teacher appreciation day and more.
    -Erica asked if we can make a PTO (private / member approved) FB page, Kathy said that we can. This way we can have school / PTO specific info posted that shouldn’t be on the public/community page.
    – Sadly Lindsay shared with us that she will not return as the PTO President for the 2017/2018 year. We are so grateful for all of the love & passion that she has put into this position for so many years! Thank you Lindsay!!!
    -So… we will be in need of a new PTO President for the 2017/2018 year
    -We are also looking to help divide up the workload more efficiently by having an “Event Coordinator” for each specific event so that no one person is responsible for everything!!
  • Spaghetti Dinner – PTO will be handling the spring spaghetti dinner/basket auction and the 7/8th
    2016/2017 raised $2,800
    Chicken BBQ with no baskets.
    2016/2017 raised $4,700
  • Fall Open House & Effectively Getting the Word Out to the Community
    -Mrs. Fretthold has scheduled a Fall Open house 11/7 for 2017/2018 because students are off 11/8, 11/9 & 11/10 is Veteran’s day.  This would allow families to visit us earlier in the year to help them make their decision.
    A)  Possibly it could  be on a Thursday evening from 5-7p  maybe the students could have off the next day. We could actually be “in session” while families tour the school.
    5:15-5:30p Intro in Gym
    5:30-6:15 Observe classes
    6:15-7 Q & A with teachers, principal & TCS parents
  1. B) Need Better Advertising
  2. C) “Welcome Wednesdays”
    -in the past had specific Wednesdays for prospective families to visit by appt
    -discussed relaunching “Welcome Wednesdays”  once a quarter

    * Fall TOY fundraiser
        -instead of a traditional monetary fundraiser, what about the school having  registry lists on Amazon, and so that we can update some much needed toys, games and other supplies for the classroom? — In order to go through with this we need to get approval from the BOCE.   We are eliminated fall fundraiser for this year.

  • Free shipping on purchases over $25 or free same-day store pickup on every order plus free and easy returns. Save an extra 5% every day with your Target REDcard.

-Need a liaison between the School & Church. Trinity Lutheran Church updated their website, and has include a specific page to share school events  & links it to TCS website

Closing Prayer – Kathy Fretthold

****This is our last meeting for the 2016/2017 school year and want to thank everyone who was able to make the meetings and helped out throughout the year to make this such a successful year. ****

PTO Meeting 3/26/2017

Trinity Christian School PTO Meeting

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 @ 6p

3rd /4th Grade Room In Attendance at TCS

Secretary / Minute taker – Erica McFarland 
 Teacher Rep – Sarah Gabel , Lynne Pokigo

In Attendance via Conference Call

President – Lindsay Radt
 Elisa Jones
 Joni Canastraro
1.) Welcome/ Open Prayer – 
 -We welcomed people both attending in person AND on the conference call, THANK YOU ALL for taking the time out of your busy schedule to be here and support our school! * we let attendees know that the meeting will be (AUDIO) RECORDED , and that we will share an audio file via email if the recording is of a high enough quality* The following was discussed at tonight’s PTO Meeting- 2.) April Events 
 Friday, April 28, 2017
 – Follow up  Info about BOTH the Open House / Curriculum Fair, Food Truck Event & Spring Fling / Dance

*Make sure to welcome new potential families , Alumni, TLC congregations, TCS families & staff to 4/28 event 
 *Grateful for our Students! Parents please encourage your children to help / take owner as well! because this is their school!

**Main Focus of the event is to Welcome & Introduce POTENTIAL NEW FAMILIES to TCS through the Open House AND Showcase our Curriculum Fair!! A. Open House / Curriculum Fair & Food Trucks, 4:30-6:30p – Main focus is the  Open House & Curriculum Fair – Freshening up the School , getting it ready! 
 * Painting, updating bulletin boards, wreaths, flowers pots, decorating etc
– Food Trucks – there will be 4 (BBQ, Cheesy Chick, Dirty Bird & Green Acres). We discussed that it is best to have them line up next to the cemetery & parking will be behind the church (and on sports field IF dry), cones & caution tape will be there to guide people in the correct direction, will need to set up prior to event – Effectively Communicating Event & School Info  
 * Social Media – PLEASE SHARE FB posts & flyer! This is by far one of the most effective ways we can communicate info.  Sarah will be sharing an article on the TCS FB page about the effectiveness of sharing info via FB (and other Social Media) is so effective !!

* Buffalo News & Printable Promo piece 
 Joni Canastraro looked into placing event / info article in the Buffalo news or Family Magazine since our last meeting. She shared that after researching it further it is not cost effective to share in the Bflo News, and that people aren’t reading the Buffalo News as their primary source of info. The same goes for the Family Magazine. Join stated that FB and other social medias are the best and most effective way to communicate school info ! Proving this point Sarah Gabel commented that TCS is investing in FB ads to promote the school and events because it has been successful in the past to reaching new families!   
  Joni also has been communicating with Mrs. Fretthold about a printable piece with a QRST code that once scanned will link the website. She shared that this be worked on for the Fall, and will not be used for the Open House.

* Local paper
 – the Office will be sharing event / school info in the WS Bee

* Share Event Flyer
 – Thank you to Dennis Glinski for Designing the flyer for the event
 -can share both printed flyer or digital copy on FB, email etc

*Events signs
 -3 signs will be on majors roads/ intersections
 -yard signs and electronic TCS sign will advertise the event
 -Erica asked if the yard signs are printed signs or hand made. If printed is it cost effective to have some more made so that strategic families (based on where they live) can put them in their yards?

*Press Release
 -Elisa asked if we have released a press release to any local radio stations. The answer was not yet. Elisa is going to reach out to Amy Strzelec who has experience in this area to see if she can help write a PR. IF Amy is able to help Elisa will get that to the radio stations.

* TCS Website
 School events & info will be update to date for the Open House 
 Elisa shared that TCS’s new Parent Portal System – should be up and running on the school’s website for the next school year !

*Tri-fold Board in Foyer 
 – Bryana Haas , communicating current & future projects EFFECTIVELY to TCS families, TLC congregation, Alumni & potential new families/ community that attend Open House
 – Will Highlight : Fundraising for New Playground, New water fountain & filling station, TLC scholarships, New bathroom bid & blueprints, freshly painted hallways , grounds updating, School garden, school parental portal etc

*DVD Slideshow
 -Ashely Hoffmann has been working to create a slide show that will highlight the many events, daily school day & more through pictures
 -will be looping in Front Foyer on monitor

Open House “Gift Bags”
 – Lindsay shared that the office & Mrs. Fretthold are working on the Thank you / Gift Bags for new families that tour the school
 – Possible Contents in the bag :
 1. TCS logo pens
 2.TCS Logo Reusable Plastic Water bottles (looking in to this now. would be ordered and printed by a local business. Can sell any extra bottle to students for a minimal amount for the walk-a-thon in May)
 3. TCS bumper sticker 
 4.Thank you letter
 5. School Info & Application Folder
 6. $5 Food Truck Voucher B. Spring Fling 6:30-8pm
 -DJ, dancing, light refreshments
 -UPDATE we will be asking for donations for the Southtowns Care Center (New Unused Baby items) C. Volunteer / Sign-up Opportunities 
 1. Preparations / Before Event-
 -Wash walls & windows down / prepare walls for painting (2-4) *0
 The questions was brought up- Is it possible for students who would like to help and have no work / state testing to do this during school hours? This question will be passed to Mrs. Fretthold.
 -Prepping walls & Cutting in paint (2-4) *3
 -Paint bottom half of hallway walls, gray replacing green MTW (2-4)
 -Make paper flower , centerpieces  & any other decorations for Spring Fling 4/19 6-8p or 4/20 3-4:30p students can help as well!
 -Decorate & setup gym 4/27 (4-10) *0 -Hang purple/white wreaths, and planters at the Entrance

2. Open House & Food Trucks (4:30-6:30p)
 – Open House Welcoming / Greeting team (School Entrance) – (4) *4 Sarah shared that the ** BOARD OF EDUCATION WILL DO THIS! They will welcome people and direct new families to to sign-in before they tour the school.
 – Keep grounds & bathrooms tidy & clean (4 , 2 every 1hr) *0
 – Parents needed to answer questions of new potential families (gym) (2-4 every 30m) *2
 – 7th / 8th & other teacher appointed Students “Student Ambassador” Tours (a TCS adult will also be on each tour to help as needed)   – will have “script” for students to practice (adults can help if we do not have enough students) (10) *3

3. Spring Fling (6:30p-8p)
 -Greet & Take donations (table at Gym entrance) (2 6:3–7, 2 7-7:30p)) *2, *1
 -DJ , Dave Anderson (1) *1
 -Donate PEANUT / TREE NUT free desserts , veggie tray, fruit tray, drinks/punch (18) *8
 -Adults to monitor hallways during Spring Fling,  (30 min each) (3) *0
 -Clean up Crew, usually all families help (15+)  *6 D. PLAYGROUND
 -4 options to vote for : 1.) students voting at school  2.) on TCS FB page
 -Also permanent  4 Square Courts will be painted on blacktop and new outdoor balls for the older kids. New basketball whoops were installed last year
 -Sarah shared with us that if the funds are raised for the new playground equipment then the school can order it, and if the playground company has availability it can potentially be installed this Summer!
 -Lynne asked a great question “why is there an end date of 4/5 for the “Pennies for the Playground ?”. The answer is that it helps the kids have a goal, and builds excitement! Donations will still be graciously accepted after 4/5 as well.  E. MISC – Other Questions / Comments Erica will be sharing 3-5min with the TLC congregation during the 10:30am church service on Sunday, 4/2 what the school / TLC has meant to her family. She will also briefly mention the 4/28 Open House event and make sure to invite the TLC!

Sarah Webster is schedule tentatively to share with TLC on 5/7 during the 10:30am service. She will also give an update to the congregation on the Annual Fund Campaign!

Next PTO Meeting – Tuesday, May 2nd @ 6pm,  3rd/4th Grade Classroom at TCS

At the next PTO meeting we will follow up with where we are at with the new playground plans & fundraising , annual fund, and end of the year events including the walk-a-thon.

PTO Meeting 3/2/2017

Trinity Christian School PTO Meeting
Thursday, March 2, 2017 @ 6p
TCS, 3rd /4th Grade Room
In Attendance at TCS
President – Lindsay Radt
Secretary / Minute taker – Erica McFarland
Teacher Rep – Christine Harris
Bryana Haas
Jamie McCutcheon
Rita Blair
Elisa Jones
Lynne Pokigo
In Attendance via Conference Call
Joni Canastraro
Rita Heck
Sarah Webster
1.) Welcome/ Open Prayer –
-Welcomed people both attending in person AND on the conference call, THANK YOU ALL for taking the time out of your
busy schedule to be here and support our school!
(* we let attendees know that we (AUDIO) RECORDED the meeting , and that we will share an audio file via email if the
recording is of a high enough quality)
** Our desire is that as we share about the upcoming events that EVERYONE that is willing and able to get
plugged in to help & volunteer somewhere!! **
2.) April Events
– We discussed and decided that BOTH the Open House / Food Truck Event & Spring Fling / Dance will take place on
the same day
**Focus of the evening is to Welcome & Introduce POTENTIAL NEW FAMILIES to TCS through the Open House and
Show case our Curriculum Fair!!
2a) Open House & Food Trucks (Lindsay / Erica)
-Friday, April 28th 4:30-6:30p
*Our desire is for new families, community & others to come in to TCS and stay long enough to see what the
school is really about ; our heart and great education !!! **
– We are going to invite alumni and others who have given to the Annual Legacy Fund so that they can see and experience
what they have invested in – the lives of our students and school family! (Sarah Webster will discuss and continue
working with Kathy Fretthold to work on the Legacy Fund, and possibly including an invite to the Open House /Food
Trucks .)
Food Trucks – Still talking to local Food Trucks about committing to attend, and possibility of fundraising
– Food trucks are concerned about the number of people in attendance ; they usually require 100-150 people per truck
– working on details to make this a fundraiser which would encourage more people to attend, they are tentative because
we cannot guarantee attendance numbers
– $5 vouchers will be given out to NEW families AND TCS families who bring in NEW families
– Communicating the Event / Getting the Word Out
– We are going to invite existing TCS Families , Trinity Lutheran Church Congregation, Potential New Trinity Families,
Alumni & Community / Local Businesses…(same places that we shared about the BBQ fundraiser )

? Does anyone have any ideas or connections on how to do this ? Press Release, Newspaper,
*** Discussed how important it it to PLEASE share TCS events & info on FB and other social media (highly successful
when shared by you!) etc **
Joni suggested and is willing to help with updating brochure or promotional printed material. She suggested including…
-parent, student & teacher’s testimony
-educational statistics (ie. success is better foundation when students attend same school K-8),other pertinent educational
stats – how do our students rate compared to their public school counterparts?
-Andy Parker attended TCS, can we reach out to him and ask
– Would Andy Parker’s Weather Machine (Channel 7) be able to come out to TCS the day of or week of the Open House?
– Joni suggested reaching out to Pat Toepfer (849-5489) who works at the Buffalo News
– Giving each student 3 flyers (like we have in the past) to post or hand out
– PRESS RELEASE through local papers and radio stations
-last year it rained – can we set up a tent outside or make sure to set up tables in gym so there is a place to sit
– Welcome Team (at front entrance)
Bryana mentioned that last year there were some School Board Members welcoming families. Can we ask board members
to help in that respect again?
– Need a team to keep parking lot & grounds clean during 4:30-6:30p , ** very important to keep our ground clean and
presentable, including the bathrooms!!
– “Student Ambassadors” will be giving Open House Tour, 7th, 8th grade student, and possibly other mature students
recommended by teachers to give scripted “tours” of the school
– TCS parents that are willing to answer any questions that potential new families have, will be in a designated place TBA
– during the tour a “welcome /thank you” gift bag will be given out in the School Office, along with a sign-in sheet , and
$5 food voucher for new families looking at the school as a part of the “tour”
– Teachers will be in their rooms supervising and meeting families looking at the school
-Concern was brought up about the younger students being at the event for such a long period of time. Can we have an
adult volunteer to younger students, possibly in the church basement, while their parent volunteer to help during Open
House so that they aren’t wandering the halls.
-The idea(s) was brought that maybe we can communicate & update families, alumni, new families & community about
where their financial investments were used, possibly on a trifold presentation board in front foyer including – bathroom
architect plans, update drinking fountain with filtered water bottle station, ?garden, discussing playground, various updates
that were made , scholarship funds etc
2b.) Spring Fling / Dance (Erica / Lindsay) Friday, April 28th 6:30- 8p
-on the calendar for 4/21 as of right now)
– our desire to combine both events is so that we can allow families visiting with us on 4/28 to experience TCS fully !
– PLEASE invite friends & family in the community , NEW families visiting the school
– JOIN us for dinner before the event!
– collecting donations for the NEW SPCA for those attending the Spring Fling/ Dance
– we have $250 from Thrivent Financial because this is a community event!! This can be used for decorations, refreshments,
and other miscellaneous items.
** Question brought up – does Thrivent have a snow cone or cotton candy machine that can be used for the event?
– Need a DJ
– Decorating / Set up Team ( hoping to set up some on Thursday & finish on Friday depending on school schedule)
– rotating adult (s) to stay in gym during 4:30-6:30p ( there will be sound equipment) . ** possibly the location for the parents
who are willing to answer potential questions of families touring the school during the O.H.
– Clean up Team
3.) Painting the School
– Easter break, April 10-12th
– looking for volunteers to help prep & paint the hallway walls and
– Still discussing is we will be painting the entire wall or just the lower half of the hallway walls with a neutral color as a
fresh update.
– Erica will create an easy Online Sign-up via that will be shared entire school so that everyone that is
willing & able has the opportunity to be a part of this exciting event & preparing / freshening up our school for it
Shared at closing-
*Again, we would like to thank all of you for attending this meeting, and taking the time out of your busy
schedules and making this event a priority!!
*We know that everyone in this room and on the conference call are passionate about our
children’s hearts & education AND also partnering with TCS and the Trinity Lutheran Church Congregation to make this an
even better place for our students and faculty!
*We hope & pray to welcome many NEW families to TCS and make the community more aware of all the great things that
God is doing through TCS!!
*Without your help AND support on a daily basis INCLUDING the events that we talked about tonight we would not be a
success. think about where you would like to help , and then write on the sign-in sheet if you haven’t done so

PTO Minutes 9/24/2015

PTO Meeting – Thursday, September 24, 2015

 In attendance-

President – Lindsay Radt

Vice President – Kristen Coffee

Secretary – Erica McFarland


1.Lynne Pokigo

2.Kristen Coffee

3.Elisa Jones

4.Sarah Webster

5.Kristin Borzilieri

6.Karen McCoy

Details discussed about the upcoming BBQ Chicken Fundraiser on Saturday, November 14, 2015.

Chiavetta BBQ will be cooking the chicken 12-4pm

Drive-thru / Take out 12-5pm

Delivery start at 12:00/12:15pm

An email will go out for people to sign up to volunteer AND also to donate items / a monetary donation (will send as an email first, and later home with kids if we need more people to respond) – Lindsay Radt

– going to add the option to give monetary funds on the donation form

Volunteers needed for :

Set up

Friday, 11/13 @ 5pm

-volunteers needed for :

-setting up baskets

-ticket tables

-prepping coffee, creamer etc

BBQ Event

Saturday ,11/14 , 11/11:30am – 5pm

  1. Dine in- Ken, Torry & David
  2. Prep –
  3. Tickets – Vera (design)
  4. Ticket table- sell raffle tickets (need last name, phone #)- Tracy , Kristen Coffee
  5. Need adults to direct traffic
  6. Wear chicken costume – Andrew McFarland, ???

Take down

Saturday , 11/14 @ 4:30/5pm

– sweep, take down tables etc.

Target sales 650 chickens (sold 630 chickens in 2014)

$5 for leftover chickens


Ideas for Dine In

?face painting

?coloring station



  1. We are asking that each family donates one basket or item
  2. 2 different color tickets & two different prices – one for general items, and second for “big ticket” items
  3. giving away ipad mini 2 16GB $268
  4. Update letter to businesses to include that a “donation is tax deductible” for those who donate


  1. Flyers – Elisa
  2. ** Get kids more involved…have them take selfies with anything chicken /poultry, and tag with #TrinityBBQ on social media – FB, Instagram etc
  3. Mailing- stuff flyers Kristen Coffee
  4. Signs x4 to direct people to the school – Kristin B. to check out price from friend who prints signs “Chicken BBQ drive-thru & Take-out” 2 signs arrow pointing right, 2 signs arrow pointing left


Follow up

  1. send a general thank you via school newsletter

2.send a handwritten thank you to businesses and Trinity Lutheran members that donate items


Also mentioned other upcoming fundraiser events-

  1. open house / foodtrucks – April 29th
  2. Fair Extranvaganza –
  3. Spaghetti dinner
  4. possibly roast beef dinner

PTO Minutes 2/24/2015

Trinity Christian School


February 25, 2015

The meeting was called to order by Lindsay at 6:00 PM, at Trinity Christian School, 146 Reserve Road, West Seneca, NY.

Present: Lindsay, Shelly, Michelle, Lynne, Elisa, and Katie.

Also Present: Christine Harris as the teacher representative.

Christine began the meeting with prayer.


  1. Christine reported that she needs some help with an upcoming event that will help the spread the word for our school. The event is on Saturday, March 14, 2015 from 10 am until 3:00 pm at the Wesleyan Church of Hamburg’s The Hub.  We will have a booth at their Character Carnival, which will distribute books to the children that have Trinity Christian School stickers and information.  She will need help going through the donated books and applying the stickers to the books.  She also needs a few people to help the day of the event.
  2. Christine mentioned the school musical’s afternoon show time at 1:00 would be a good opportunity to invite the community, daycares in the area and home schooled children for free. We can also have a table with our school information on it for those who may have questions.
  1. Christine mentioned the Father/Daughter Dance that will be held at Trinity Christian School and we can attend for $10.00/family, father/daughter(s) only. It is an opportunity for us to have a table with information to give the approximately 200 people that will be in attendance.  It’s a great opportunity to again get our school information out.


  1. Lindsay began her discussion with an update on the sale of Landies Candies, which we have raised approximately $8,000.00 so far for the school. Again everyone thanked Landies Candies and the Szrama Family for their generosity.  We have had the boxes redecorated for Valentine’s Day sales and will do the same for Easter sales.  Lindsay has put in a request to stop the sales for this year and continue again in the fall to finish the 1,000 boxes Landies Candies has donated.  We are waiting for a response on the request.  Elisa brought up the idea of making some boxes a variety pack and mixing up the flavors to attract more sales.  We all agreed that was a great idea and we could charge $15.00/box for the variety boxes and reduce the price to $10.00/box for the single flavor boxes.
  2. Taste of Trinity: The profit was $585.41 after the expenses were taken out of the materials needed for the event.  This was an increase in profits from last year’s event.
  3.  Open house: This year’s open house was not a success.  We had only two new families that we showed our school too.  The idea was mentioned how in years past we held a shadow day for students to come in for a part of the day to see our school.  We will have another discussion to decide what we should do for our next open house.
  1. Valentine’s Dance: This year we had a successful dance with no issues to report.
  1. Easter Candy sales through Niagara Chocolates: Sales have decreased from last year.  We have extended the sale in hopes of getting more orders in.  The chocolate will be delivered to the school on March 27, 2015 and Lindsay needs help sorting the chocolates.
  1. Walkathon: The date is still to be determined.  The kids liked the punch cards that Ms. Harris did last year and hopefully this year all the students can have a punch card to keep track of their laps.  We would like to see more parents and/or relatives at the school the day of supporting the students.
  1. Michelle brought up a fundraising idea. A Mother’s Day Vendor Fair, which a tentative date of May 3, 2015 from 12-3 pm has been set.  We need to compile a list of vendors we know and see if they would be interested.  There is no fee for the vendor to participate, however they must donate a portion of their sales to the school.  We believe it should be 20% of their sales.  Lindsay with the help of the PTO will start gathering a list of vendors; she will also work with Christine on a letter to send the vendors.
  1. Lindsay reported our total fundraising dollars so far this year:

Chicken BBQ- $4,315.20

Landies Candies- $8,200.00

Taste of Trinity- $585.41


Next meeting was scheduled for Tuesday, March 24, 2015 at 5:15 pm.    Lindsay will send an email reminder.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 PM.


Recorded by:Katie Sugorovskiy, PTO Secretary

Lindsay Radt, PTO President

PTO Minutes 9/25/2014

Trinity Christian School


September 25, 2014


The meeting was called to order by Lindsay at 6:15 PM, at Trinity Christian School, 146 Reserve Road, West Seneca, NY.

Present: Lindsay, Shelly, Michelle, Lynn, Rita, Rita, Trisha, Elise, and Katie.

Michelle began the meeting with prayer.


  1. PTO members voted on the positions of President, Vice President, and Secretary. The President will remain, Lindsay Radt, the Vice President will remain, Shelly Bielicki, and the Secretary will remain, Katie Sugorovskiy. All we in favor.
  2. Lindsay announced our three major events for this school: Chicken BBQ, Landies Candies, and Easter Candy.
  3. Chicken BBQ-
    1. Date is set for Saturday, October 25, 2014 from 1-5 PM.
    2. Ticket prices will remain $9.00 for pre-sale and $10 at the door.
    3. Flyer and ticket proofs were reviewed and will now be printed and distributed. (see attached)
    4. Katie emailed our business donation request list to Lisa Lafferty and all the letters were mailed out. We have requested donations for our Chinese Auction.
    5. The students will bring a signup sheet home if anyone is available to help us out with the set up, clean up and day of the event. (see attached)
    6. Lindsay researched the cost of a Samsung Galaxy Tablet and an Apple IPad Mini. It was voted that will purchase an Apple Ipad Mini to use as our big raffle item. All in favor. Tickets again will be sold 1 for $2.00 or 3 for $5.00. Elise mentioned there is an education discount available for purchasing these items, Lindsay will look into this. (see attached)
    7. Lynn though it would be a good idea to put up a donation signup board in the school corridor to get as many families to donate time or items to our Chicken BBQ event. Lindsay will look into this.
    8. Lindsay mentioned that we may want to give the students an incentive to return all sold and un-sold tickets for the BBQ. She suggested that we have a special basket for the students only that when they turn in all their tickets, they will receive an entry for the basket.
    9. Michelle would like to create a coupon for people to save $1.00 off next year’s BBQ as a thank you for attending this year and to get repeat customers.
    10. Rita thought we could bake homemade pies to sell for $10.00 the day of our event. It is a good idea; however we are concerned with allergies.
    11. Principal Kathy or Pastor will be asking the congregation to help us with baking desserts for our BBQ. Lindsay will let us know their response.


    1. Santa’s Secret Shop- we are in need of volunteers for inventory control.
    2. Landies Candies Fundraiser- we will be given flyers and samples soon. We want to exceed our 1,000 free boxes to gain maximum profits for the school. We will be selling the candy for $15.00/box.
    3. Principal Kathy would like us to designate where the money we raise for all events will be distributed. Ideas she has given were a percentage or specific dollar amount could be used towards: teacher supplies, field trips, sports equipment, classroom updates, etc. Katie asked if we have a treasurer’s report, or budget we can look at to help us determine where funds should go and to see where funds have been going.
    4. Lynn would like us to get teacher wish lists and a school wish list to distribute to all families incase they would like to donate any items or funds.


  1. Next meeting October 27th or 28th at 6:15 PM. Lindsay will send a reminder email when the date is determined.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:10 PM.

Recorded by:


______________________________                                    ______________________________

Katie Sugorovskiy, PTO Secretary                                         Lindsay Radt, PTO President

January Minutes

Trinity Christian School
January 21, 2014

The meeting was called to order by Lindsay at 6:30 PM, at Trinity Christian School, 146 Reserve Road, West Seneca, NY.

Present: Lindsay, Katie S., Shelly, Katie W., Becky, and Lynn.

Also Present: PR Group- Mr. Makey, Christine, and Larry

Absent: Michelle

Katie W. began the meeting with prayer.


1. The PR/Marketing group would like the PTO’s help with the following:
a. Winter Fun Day (Feb. 1 from 1-4) – would like to have volunteers watch the kids inside the gym and take care of the hot cocoa station.
b. Need help promoting our school and events. Give out flyers for upcoming events at each event attended.
c. Get more people to visit our website and Facebook page. Need to do posts daily/weekly on the Facebook page to get more interest and likes.
d. Landies Candies would like to do a fundraiser before Christmas for next school year. They would like to donate 1,000 boxes of chocolates for us to sell and make 100% profit on. There will be several varieties of candies available. Normal price to sell would be $18.00 per box; we can lower the price to $15.00. Prices will be determined in a future meeting. We would like to start selling pre-orders by Thanksgiving. We can also sell them before/after mass. A field trip to Landies Candies factory can also be arranged.

2. Taste of Trinity:
a. Only 10 families signed up currently. Need more participation.
b. We are going to sell last year’s recipe cookbooks for $5.00.
c. Set up help needed Saturday night or Sunday morning.
d. Tickets are going to be sold 15 for $5.00
e. Categories/ticket breakdown is as follows: appetizers- 1 ticket, soups/stews- 2 tickets, main dish- 2 tickets, and dessert- 1 ticket.
f. Prize for best in each category. 4 first place dishes.

3. Second Chance Prom:
a. Becky was able to get some companies to donate services for this event.
b. Katie S. will create tickets to be printed.
c. Lynn will bring coffee, drinks, Becky will bake a cake, Katie S will provide chips and cups, and Lindsay will bring all paper products.
d. Landies Candies will donate a dessert station for the event.

4. Next meeting TBD.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 PM.

Recorded by:

Katie Sugorovskiy, PTO Secretary ​​​​
Lindsay Radt, PTO President

PTO Minutes