3/4 Class News – 3/22/18

In 4th grade Math, we are gearing up for a test on dividing by 1-digit divisors. This topic, the 4th graders were introduced to the wonderful world of dividing with remainders as well. Our practice tests went very well, so we’re all quite interested to see how everyone does! In 4th grade ELA, we talked about what it takes to be a good leader. That led into reading stories about a boy who got advice for running for class president from Abraham Lincoln (“Time Specs 3000”) and a dog who wanted to run for mayor (“LaRue for Mayor”). If you couldn’t tell, this week’s genre was most definitely fantasy. The 4th graders also got to write about what they would do as mayor of their town. This week’s grammar focus was on subject, object, and reflexive pronouns.

In Science, we just finished our chapter on ecosystems and are starting to prepare for a test next week before Easter vacation. It’s amazing to see how God put our world together in such a interconnected way! In Social Studies we just took our test on the regions of the United States and are about to embark on a whirlwind journey through a summary of American history in one chapter. We started with a story about Abraham Lincoln and the Gettysburg Address and will work through exploration, the American Revolution, the nation’s growth and the Civil War, America’s place as a world power, and our history since World War II.

Grade 3 has been reading a few expository texts this week (Bats did it First, and Big Ideas from Nature)  and identifying features of expository text.  Ask your children about some inventions we read about that were inspired by God’s amazing creation.  In grammar  we worked on prefixes, root words and  subject/verb agreement.  We practiced cursive handwriting with the Bible verse often referred to as “The Gospel in a nutshell” – John 3:16 and used oil pastels to illustrate this verse for Easter. Stop by the bulletin board  outside Grade 3/4 and check out some of our recent work! In math we have continued our division  facts in Chapter 8, and learned about how our multiplication facts help us solve division problems.  Our Math Topic 8 test will be on Tuesday March 27. Fridays we are continuing our timed multiplication tests.

Important dates:
Sunday – Community Easter Egg Hunt and Sunday School Children singing in church/Dance Troupe in church

Grade 3 Fantasy book dioramas and reports are due next Thursday March 29.  Make sure you read through all the requirements.

In Christ,

Mrs. Anderson and Mr. Robinson

3/4 Class News – 3/16/18

Wow! It may be blustery and cold outside but it’s warm inside the 3rd and 4th grade room as we’re lit by the light of the Son. In Math, the 4th graders are learning  brushing up their skills of dividing by one digit divisors. In ELA, we’ve had a week of learning about our government while sharpening our skills of determining cause & effect and decoding new words that have Latin roots. In Science, we are discovering how humans can impact the environment that God has given us. In Social Studies, we are reviewing for our test Monday on the geography of the United States.

Don’t forget that tomorrow is our annual Spaghetti Dinner and Basket Raffle. We can’t wait to see you there!

In Christ,

Mrs. Anderson and Mr. Robinson

3/4 Class News – 3/8/18

In Math the 4th graders have been working hard on reviewing for their Benchmark Test that they took on Thursday. It covered 4 topics, so they did an excellent job making sure they were on top of that much class material. On Friday we will be starting our review of division with reminding ourselves how to divide by a 1-digit divisor. In ELA, the 4th graders have been working hard on writing opinion essays all week. Their task was to write about something that they might want to see changed. I’m looking forward to seeing some great ideas!

In Religion this week, we talked about how important it is that when we sin, we need to practice SPR. We Say It by acknowledging our sin, Pray It by bringing our sin to God and asking for His mercy and forgiveness, then Replay It by going to who we have sinned against and asking for their forgiveness. We also talked about accepting someone’s forgiveness by saying “I forgive you” instead of sloughing it off by saying “It’s OK” or “Don’t worry about it”. In Science, we made our own “insects” and hid them around the classroom for our classmate “birds” to find in order to learn about how God has blessed some organisms with the ability to camouflage themselves to survive. In Social Studies we are continuing to talk about our country’s geography and how different our area would have been 500 years ago. We are doing this to highlight how we change our environment and how we are changed by our environment.

Grade 3 has been continuing with our Wonders Reading Curriculum.  We read Jane’s Discovery and Finding Lincoln this week.  In writing we used a  graphic organizer to plan and write a rough draft and final copy of our  own folktales.  In Math we have started Topic 8: Division Facts.  Fridays we are continuing our timed multiplication tests.  Students have 1 min 40 sec. to complete 25 multiplication facts problems with only 1 error. Keep practicing with flashcards at home!  Fantasy/Science Fiction books should be chosen and approved.  Please take time to read each day at home.  Reading aloud to your children at this age is still wonderful, as long as they are tackling most of the book on their own.  Don’t forget to save a shoebox for your diorama book report!  Look over the sheet of requirements before you begin.

Important Reminders:

Saturday, March 17: Spaghetti Dinner & Basket Raffle

In Christ,

Mrs. Anderson & Mr. Robinson

3/4 Class News 3/2/18

Grade 3 is has started a new reading unit from our Wonders curriculum. This week we have focused on Folktales. We read Martina, the Beautiful Cockroach, a Cuban Folktale, The Inchworm’s Tale, and How the Zebra Got it’s Stripes. We’ll even be writing our own folktales. We enjoyed sharing our February Book Reports, and meeting so many interesting historical figures!  Friday: Timed Multiplication tests. Your child is testing on 2, 3, or 4’s.  They must pass each test with only 1 error before they can move on.  Check their assignment book to see what they are on.

Math Test on Topic 7 Division on Monday.  The best way to study is to look over the Topic 7 Practice  Test in the textbook.  It is the same format as the actual test.  We will be doing the practice test together in class.

Book of the Month for March is Fantasy/Science Fiction:  A few titles to get you started: Any of the Narnia Series by CS Lewis, The Iron Giant, Percy Jackson series, Cosmic, or The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet.  Please have your book selected and approved by Wednesday.  The Diorama project/book report sheet is coming home today.

Spelling next week will be a packet – not the composition notebooks.

Grade 4 has started a new week from our Wonders curriculum. This week’s focus was persuasive articles. We read “Food Fight”, an article that presented both sides of the debate on the merits of genetically modified, or GM, foods. We also read “A New Type of Corn”, an article that presented both sides of the value of Bt corn, a special insect-resistant corn. We used both these stories to further develop our skills of determining an author’s point of view. Just like the 3rd graders, our book of the month for March will be fantasy or science fiction.

We had our Topic 8 Test on multiplying 2-digit numbers by other 2-digit numbers on Thursday. We will be starting to review for our next benchmark test on Topics 5-8 on Friday. The benchmark test will be next Tuesday. In our next two topics, Topics 8 & 9, we will dive back into division. In Science we are talking about ecosystems. We have discussed how God has provided a special place for each organism to live and given them traits and instincts to help them survive. We are even making our own “insects” and seeing how well we can camouflage them so the other “birds” in the classroom can’t find them! We are continuing to talk about regions in Social Studies, but we are now focusing on how different regions possess different resources.

In closing, our annual Spaghetti Dinner and Basket Raffle is on March 18 this year. Please make plans to attend if you can and show your support for Trinity!

In Christ,

Mrs. Anderson & Mr. Robinson



3/4 Class News – 2/16/18

Wow! It’s crazy how this school year continues to speed by. It seems like just yesterday that we were celebrating Jesus’ arrival into this sinful world at Christmas and now we’ve already entered the season of Lent. Even though the year seems to be flying, we are still hard at work in Grades 3 & 4. In Religion, we talked this week about what the word “hallowed” means in the Lord’s Prayer. We also discussed God the father’s special name, Yahweh. In Science, we are continuing to study ecosystems. We know how each organism that God created has a special place to live called a habitat and how He provides everything they need to survive in that habitat. In Social Studies, we are talking about the difference between weather and climate and how different regions of the United States experience different types of weather based on their location and elevation.

In 4th grade Math, we are continuing to develop our skills of multiplying 2-digit numbers by other 2-digit numbers. We started with using arrays, progressed to using grids to record partial products, and now we are connecting those grids to the standard algorithm so we can tackle even larger problems! In ELA, we are talking about how words that people use can help people fight for change. We’ve read about reformers like Elizabeth Cady Stanton and influential people like Abraham Lincoln who used speeches and written works to motivate change. We are also using this topic to continue to develop our skills of recognizing an author’s point of view and citing details to support our findings.


3/4 Class News – 2/9/18

It’s amazing that we are almost halfway through the 3rd quarter already! The 3rd and 4th graders are hard at work learning about prayer in Religion. We’ve talked about how God always answers prayers, but sometimes He does it in ways we don’t understand. In Science, we are talking about ecosystems and how all of God’s creatures interact in many wonderful and unique ways. In Social Studies, we are starting to take a look at the all of the different regions in the United States and how they are similar and different.
The 4th graders are continuing to sharpen their multiplication skills in Math class. We have talked about how to multiply 1-digit numbers by all the way up to 3-digit numbers. Now, we’re developing our skills even more by learning how to multiply 2-digit numbers by other 2-digit numbers using arrays, the extended algorithm, and the standard algorithm. In ELA, we have been talking all about ways that people can make a difference in their communities. We’ve used that as a lens to develop our skills of determining an author’s point of view and using context clues to determine definition, synonyms, and antonyms for unfamiliar words.
Wow!  Our first 2 weeks of splitting into 2 different classes are complete!  The students were wonderful and are slowly getting into the groove of the different schedule.  In ELA the third grade has started a literature unit on the Newbery winner Sarah, Plain and Tall.  We are reading the chapter book together in class and working on comprehension questions, story journals and spelling/vocabulary words from the story.  We are also writing Friend Wanted Ads – check them out in the main hall outside 3/4 class.  One theme of the story is Change can be difficult, but good.  This is certainly perfect as we have a change in routine during the last half of the year.
  Everyone has an autobiography/biography book picked for your February Book of the Month.  Don’t forget to read!  Keep it in your backpack! Third grade book presentations will be due at the end of February.  These will be graded based on the outline sent home. In math we will be starting Topic 7 on Division.  Two good websites for Math Games are:
On Fridays we will begin some timed multiplication tests so make sure you practice your flashcards at home.  We’ll start with 0-3.
Monday is 100th Day – You may dress like you’re 100.  Wednesday is Valentine’s Day – Don’t forget to bring in Valentine’s for the entire class.
In Christ,
Mrs. Anderson and Mr. Robinson

3/4 Class News – 1/19/18

Welcome to another week in the 3rd and 4th grade! In Religion, we are continuing to learn about all the good gifts our Heavenly Father gives us and how we can use them to glorify God. In Math, the 3rd and 4th graders are both studying multiplication. The 3rd graders are learning patterns that make memorizing their multiplication facts easier and the 4th graders are working on their multiplication skills by multiplying one digit numbers by three and four digit numbers. In ELA, both classes have been working on essays – mostly about what they want to do when they grow up.

In Science, we have been talking about magnets, electricity, and how the two are combined in electromagnets and generators. In Social Studies, we have been learning about Martin Luther King, Jr. and how important his contributions were to our world today. We all can’t wait until Lutheran Schools Week where we get to compete against the other Superfamilies and keep our eyes on Christ the whole time!

In Christ,

Mr. Robinson

3/4 Class News – 1/12/18

The weather was a little more seasonable this week, but we’re always warmed by the Light in 3rd and 4th grade. In Religion, we are continuing to learn about all the wonderful things God the Father has given us and how we should thank Him constantly. We also have talked about how worrying is a sin and how we should trust God to provide exactly what we need when we truly need it. In Math, the 3rd graders are discovering the patterns that govern multiplication facts and how they can use those patterns to make their multiplication computations easier. The 4th graders are continuing to sharpen their multiplication skills by using both the expanded and standard (the “old-fashioned” way) algorithms to multiply 3-digit and 4-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers. As we near the end of the 2nd quarter, they are all working hard!

In ELA, we have taken this whole week to work through the writing process. The 3rd and 4th graders brainstormed topics to write about, picked one that appealed to them the most, then crafted a rough draft. We are currently in the editing phase and taking their excellent starts and helping to create some even better writing pieces! In Science, we have been discussing magnets. One of our students even brought in a magnet experiment and allowed us the chance to deduce how it worked based on our knowledge gained in class. How awesome is that! In Social Studies, we are talking about Martin Luther King Jr. and why his contributions are important enough to be remembered today.

In Christ,

Mr. Robinson

Grades 3/4 Class News – 1/5/18

The weather outside may be very chilly, but we’re back to school and hot on the trail of learning! We are continuing to study The First Article of the Apostles’ Creed in Religion and learning about how our Heavenly Father provides for our every need. In Math, both the 3rd and 4th graders are continuing learning about multiplication. The 3rd graders are learning patterns that make memorizing their multiplication facts easier, while the 4th graders are brushing up on their basic facts in preparation for multiplying 1-digit numbers by 3 and 4 digit numbers. In ELA, the 3rd and 4th graders are learning about poetry. The 3rd graders have been talking about free verse and a special type of poem called a limerick. The 4th graders have been talking about what a poem’s meter is and the very special type of poem called a haiku. In Science, we are using a Gizmo to start talking about magnetism. We have learned what substance makes something magnetic and also learned a small bit about magnetic fields.

It’s an absolute joy to be able to teach here at Trinity now in my third calendar year (second school year) and I pray that everyone had a fantastic Christmas season and I hope everyone has an equally fantastic 2018!

God bless,

Mr. Robinson

3/4 Class News – 12/22/17

The weather outside may not be as frightful as it was the past few weeks, but the mood in 3rd and 4th grade is still delightful! We have been hard at work this last week before vacation making sure that all the great knowledge that we’ve learned so far doesn’t evaporate over Christmas vacation. In Religion class, we’re learning about the many different ways our Heavenly Father cares for us, most of all sending His Son on the First Christmas. We even made birthday cards for Jesus that will be hanging outside our classroom door! In Math, the 3rd graders have made it all the way to their first benchmark test, having finished Topics 1-4. The 4th graders are brushing up on their multiplication skills and are just about to take their Topic 5 test.

In ELA, we are continuing to work on our creativity with Story Starters but we’re also continuing to learn more and more different genres and reading comprehension techniques. The 3rd graders are learning about how people can help animals survive while also learning how to reread difficult passages and determine an author’s point of view. The 4th graders are learning how animals survive in addition to reviewing how to summarize and determine the main idea and key details of a passage. In science, we are continuing to discuss electricity.

Parents, please take some time this Christmas season to talk with your children about the real reason for the season, Jesus. He truly is the greatest gift that we have ever been given and we shouldn’t keep Him to ourselves!

In Christ,

Mr. Robinson

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