Class News 1&2 12.8

SNOW! We love snow! Please make sure your child has snow gear so they can enjoy snowy recess activities. Students who do not have proper gear will stay with a teacher not going outside. Snow pants may be left at school if you have a second pair.

SNEAKERS-Please consider leaving sneakers at school for gym use. They will be stored safely in our classroom closets.

Snack-Please check in with your child about their snack pile. Many students do not have any.

Spelling-The list next week: tow, throw, flow, row, grow, glow, blow, snow, slow, show, *know* bonus word

Next Wednesday is our Advent Church service. Please be at the church at 6:45pm. Students should dress in festive Church attire or their school uniform. Dance Troupe will perform.

We are doing great work on our Christmas Pageant. At this time, students should have their lines completely memorized witrh exception of my Narrators who will be reading from the Lecturn.

This week we had an awesome experience computer coding with the 5&6 grades! We also used google coding programs as a class on our smartboard. This application of knowledge was so exciting for our friends!

We listened to The Legend of the Christmas Candy Cane and made our own Candy Canes which are hanging in the hallway. Check them out if you get a chance!

Merry Moose Shop envelopes were sent home today. Please fill out/fill up and return to school if you are interested in participating!

Class News 1&2 12.1

An updated copy of the report card can be found in your child’s folder which more thoroughly explains grading for reading and writing standards.

We are doing an outstanding job on our Christmas pageant. The students sound much more fluent and are reading with great expression. I am proud of how hard they are working on this. Please keep this script in your child’s folder as we use it daily.

Pajama-Rama-Please let me know TODAY if your family is taking part in this special opportunity. It runs Saturday from 5:30-9:30pm. Please remember to bring a pair of PJ’s for children in foster care in Erie County. Your child should also bring a blanket to watch the movie Cars 3. Dinner and snack will be served.

Grade 1-Topic 4-Addition and Subtraction Facts to 12
Grade 2-Topic 4-Working with equal groups

Grammar-Working with quotation marks, reviewing possessives, and indenting paragraphs
Read Aloud-A Bear Called Paddington (A new movie is coming out in January!)
Reading Skill-Identifying Fact vs. Opinion
Grade 2 has started cursive writing!

Social Studies-
Each week we welcome Ms. Fowler, a Junior Achievement curriculum volunteer, to our classroom. We are learning about goods, services and wants vs. needs. We made a collage of 5 wants and 5 needs that is on display in the hallway.


Class News 1&2 11.17

Morning Work:
Each morning we start our learning journey in an exciting way. Ask your child what they wrote about daily with our fun writing prompt titles:
Me, Me, Monday
Tongue Twister Tuesday
Would You Rather Wednesday
Thinking Thursday
Free Choice Friday

Memory Work: 2nd Quarter Memory Work will be our lines for our Christmas Pageant on 12/22.

No new Spelling List next week as it is only a 2-Day week. When we return, we will concentrate on words that end with y.

Superhero shirts were sent home today. Please have your child wear them on Tuesday and return $6 to help defray the cost of their printing.

Thank you for meeting with me to discuss your child’s progress. If you missed an opportunity to speak with me, please send me an email or a note with some possible days or times that will work for your schedule. I look forward to connecting with you.

Prayer Requests:
How can I pray for your family? I continue to lift your family up in prayer and I would love to have the opportunity to pray specifically for or with your family.

Parents Night Out/Pajama-Rama-Please consider letting your child come back to school Saturday Dec 2, 2017 from 5:30-9:30 pm while you take a night for yourselves. This event will be directly supervised by me and members of the Trinity Youth Group. We will have a pizza dinner and watch a movie. Students should come in PJ’s and bring a blanket for comfort while watching the movie. This event is free but we are asking families to donate a pair of new pajamas for children in foster care.

Class News 1&2 11.3

Science: We finished our bat unit as well as the Magic School Bus chapter book, The Truth About Bats. Ask your child to recall some interesting facts about bats!

Gr. 1-finishing Topic 2
Gr. 2-Topic 3-Subtraction

I sent home our next spelling list that will not be due until 11/17. They are the long i words with silent e: bike, five, kite, line, mice, price, ride, ripe, size, and bonus word: smile

No new memory work. Students did an outstanding job singing and signing God Bless America in Chapel Wednesday. If you have a chance, check out our video that was posted on Trinity Christian’s Facebook page. Our next Memory work will be memorizing lines and songs for our annual Christmas Program! 2nd quarter memory work grade will be based on that. The script will be sent home next week so please be on the lookout for it!

Pumpkin Day was so much fun! Thank you to our classroom room moms and all who helped make this year’s pumpkin day successful. If you missed out on spray painting pumpkins, sending in treats, games, activities, and helping out don’t worry-we do this every year! For our new moms-you have 7/8 more years of this and I think you did GREAT! Thanks for everything!

I look forward to meeting with each of you to discuss your child’s progress. Please keep in mind that your conference will be scheduled for 20 minutes only. If together we feel that more time is needed, we can schedule additional time together. Your conference will begin promptly at the time you are assigned. If that session does not work for your family, kindly reschedule with me in advance.

Why don’t we have school next week?
Next week I am looking forward to attending the professional church workers conference in Niagara Falls. I love learning new strategies to help my students excel! It is wonderful to meet with professionals around the Eastern District and with many colleagues whom I have taught with at former schools! I will even see MY 1st grade teacher who taught me (once upon a time) at St. Paul Lutheran School in Hilton, NY. Needless to say, it is an exciting opportunity for growth and fellowship.

Class News 1&2 10.27

Memory Work: God Bless America
We will sing this as a school in Chapel on Wednesday. The 1st and 2nd grades will add sign language to the song.

Spelling List for 11/3 (u-e)
use, huge, tune, cute, mute, cube, tube, rule, mule, flute, *prune

Read Aloud: We are reading a Magic School Bus Chapter book, The Truth About Bats. The class is advocating for a cave field trip… I responded that our class might be too noisy for a cave, we would wake the sleeping bats… the class is going to try to use cave voices. Hmmm… see if you can help them practice this weekend and we will continue the discussion, HA!

Pumpkin Day-Monday-wear orange!

It was wonderful to meet so many grandparents and relatives on Wednesday. I can clearly see how loved these children are when I watch their interactions! I continue to pray for your families that God continues to bless you as you share special experiences together.

The class did a wonderful job on last week’s memory verse and really wowed the grandparents! This week we will be making sure we have memorized the Pledge to the Christian Flag.

Penn Dixie trip next week. Please return permission slips and indicate if you can drive. Please remember that we need booster seats and bagged lunches!

Math: Topic 2

Social Studies: Being a good citizen

Science: Observation and learning about data collecting/research
This week we were Panda scientists. Check out the zoocams at different zoos around our nation! We used the Panda cam at the National Zoo!

Class News 1&2 10.6

Please see the permission slip and important information concerning Penn Dixie field trip on 10/20. If your family is interested, Penn Dixie has a special event tomorrow, 10/7. This 9-4 FREE earth science event is a terrific way for your family to explore Penn Dixie and check out our field trip site! Please use our field trip guideline recommendations to help keep your family safe and to enjoy the experience! Hope to see you there!

Our Spelling list for next week will focus on beginning and end blends: flip, slip, chip, ship, flop, slop, plop, drop, drip, trip, and Bonus word: clap

Memory Work for 10/11: Matthew 6:8 Your Father knows what you need before you ask Him.
We will recite this on Wednesday for Grandparents/guests. Please help us memorize this using the sign language worksheet.

Class News 1&2 9.29

Memory Work: The Trinity Pledge

As a class, we are reading the book, Freckle Juice by Judy Blume. We will finish this funny adventure next week.
Grade 2 read, Not Norman
Grade 1 read, We live here
Handwriting-we are working hard on the zaner-bloser style of handwriting.
Spelling-We had a successful spelling week and everyone mastered the short a sound. Next week we will concentrate on the short e sounds: bed, red, shed, fed, led, fell, tell, shell, yes, sell, and bonus word-mess

Next Friday during Science investigation, we will learn about soap science and be working with bubbles. Please send in a hand towel to help clean up our suds.

This week we learned about eating a rainbow and about healthy choices during meals.

Penn Dixie Trip 10/20 9 am -2 pm

Class News 1&2 9.22

This week we celebrated Mrs. Schmidt’s birthday! Mrs. Schmidt teaches our Preschool 3yr. old program, assists with the Preschool 4yr. program, and teaches ELA to Grade 2. This SUPER TEACHER is a blessing to our school and class! She thanks all of our friends for celebrating her day by making cards.

Next week we will start using our Weekly Assignment sheet. On the back, you will see the weekly spelling words, memory work verse, and room for you to communicate with me, if needed. Students should keep this in their take home folder for daily reference.

Memory Work Verse: The Trinity Pledge
We, as children of God,promise by His grace, to do our best to love and respect, encourage each other, work diligently, and strive to glorify God in all we do, each and every day.

Spelling: short a
man, can, cat, hat, sat, nap, tap, had, bad, has and bonus word wag
Note: the second grade students will find this list easy/ They will be using this list to practice plurals,create new words using prefixes/suffixes, and learning to sort words in alphabetical order.

Did you know this year our school is undergoing accreditation? Our faculty and staff are working hard to bring you a quality program overflowing with God’s love. If you are interested in serving on a small group committee to assist with components, please see Ms. Harris. We would welcome the addition input.

A working copy of our schedule can be found in your child’s folder. This will give you a glimpse of what we are working on daily.

Math-I will grade and send home the Topic 1 lessons as a packet next week. Please remember that the Topic is the focus and the curriculum is designed to introduce your child to several approaches to gain mastery of each Topic. Additionally, I introduce manipulatives within our math learning centers that can help your child gain further understanding and practice their skills.

Dance Troupe-2nd grade girls interested in praising God through dance and worship can meet Ms. Harris afterschool on Wednesday, 9/27 from 3-4pm.

Our first field trip is confirmed and we will be carpooling to Penn Dixie on Friday, October 20th. Students will learn much about fossils before our actual trip. Each child is asked to bring in several tools that will assist us with this dig. A reminder flyer will be sent home next week to assist with packing for this fun field trip! (cinch sack, large plastic sand bucket with handle, small hammer, 3 gallon-sized Ziploc bags, garden trowel, and a clipboard) Permission forms will not be sent home until the first week in October however, I just wanted to give you advanced notice for your work schedules. It is $5 per child and $9 for an adult chaperone.

Sign Language: Ask your child to show you the following signs:
STOP, GO, yes, no, pay attention, talk, love, mom, dad, play, friends, talk, bathroom (toilet), help

Thank you for helping your child record their reading experiences on the monthly reading record. Reading Records are due next Friday.

Class News 1&2 9.15

Dear friends,
I hope your student is reporting great things about our class! I am continually impressed at how much the children absorb and reflect on the world around them. One of my favorite times is at the end of our day when we gather in prayer and discuss our prayer requests. We have some profound thinkers! I wanted to encourage you if you don’t have a set prayer time to make one with your child; they will really surprise you! At Trinity, a child’s spiritual growth is very important. I want to encourage you and thank you for sharing your precious child with me! Here are some of the prayers we pray regularly in our classroom:

Before snack: Our hands we fold, our heads we bow, for food and drink we thank thee now. AMEN

Before lunch: (Superman tune) Thank you God for giving us food. Thank you God for giving us food. For the food that we eat…and the food that we need… Thank you God, for giving us food. (And all God’s Super kids say: AMEN)

Before we leave: Before we go away, we bow our heads and pray, that God will safely keep us, until another day. AMEN

Pledge to the Christian Flag: I pledge allegiance to the cross of my Lord Jesus Christ, and to the faith for which it stands, one Savior; King eternal, with mercy and grace for all.

Trinity Christian School Pledge: We, as children of God, promise by HIS grace, to do our best to love and respect each other, encourage each other, work diligently, and strive to glorify God in all we do each and every day.

Religion: We started the booklet, Jesus Speaks to the People. When complete in approximately two weeks, this will be sent home for your review.

Science: We read the classic story: Germs make me Sick and completed a science experiment about germs using white bread. These results are recorded on a data sheet which we will place in our leaning portfolio when completed next week.

Math: Topic 1 Grade 1= Understanding Addition
Topic 1 Grade 2= Understanding Addition and Subtraction
In the take home folder is a review of addition and subtraction facts. Please review daily as it will greatly assist us with our speed and accuracy when completing our daily lessons.

Scholastic Book Orders were placed this week. I will notify you when they are in. Thank you for supporting our class literacy program!

If you have not done so, please return the classroom rules contract to be placed in the learning portfolio.

We hope to see you tonight at Trinity’s annual campout. We also hope you will consider joining us this Sunday at 10:30 am at Trinity Lutheran were the children will offer their voices in praise as they sing, MY Lighthouse. Afterwards, there will be an ice cream social. Don’t forget your backpacks as there will also be a special backpack blessing during the service!

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