Class News 1&2 4.13

Scholastic Book Orders- This order is due on 4/20 either online or paper form that I can submit. We will only have one more opportunity this year for ordering books. Please take advantage of these tax-free and free shipping book opportunities. Every order earns us free books for our classroom which I give out as gifts, prizes, and incentives to our friends. This month there is a $5 free book coupon that you are able to use (attached to flyers) Happy Reading!

School Musical- Our class is asked to wear Navy blue pants or leggings and a solid colored top without graphics. Please label the outfit with your child’s name and they may be kept at school for rehearsals.

Dance Troupe Grade 2-No practices in April.

Report Cards-These were sent home today. Please contact me with any concerns or questions. Now let’s celebrate success! Inside the report card please find 2 Pizza Hunt reading incentive coupons for a free personal pan pizza. These can be redeemed throughout the month. Please sign the envelopes and return them to school.

Where in the World is Flat Stanley? I have encouraged our flat friends to send us an email about their location…crickets. Please hunt down the Flat Me projects and return to school soon.

Reading-Our next book adventure will be with the characters Frog and Toad. If you have a Frog and Toad book by author Arnold Lobel, please send it in!

Grade 2 Reading-Grade 2 is finishing up their biography projects with Mrs. Schmidt. Our next book project will be sent home next week and the theme is Fables/Fairy Tales.

Curriculum Fair/Open House- I could use some help sprucing up our classroom for the upcoming open house. There are many jobs to do, please let me know if you can lend a hand. (one job involves sewing)

class news 1&2 3.23

No Spelling Test next week.

Dear Parents,
Your child will be learning about the events leading up to and through Holy Week (Psalm Sunday through Good Friday). Easter will begin our next unit. These are the most pivotal events in all of human history because Jesus defeated death forever. “If Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile and you are still in your sins” (1 Corinthians 15:17). This is why Jesus came into the world which we heard your children boldly proclaim during the Christmas pageant. This was God’s plan since the beginning of time since the first sin.This is what your child has been studying all year: the story of God’s love, demonstrated in His plan of salvation that is fulfilled in Jesus.

I encourage all of us to focus on the cross and worship our Savior in response to HIS love. With your child, practice forgiving others as Jesus forgave. May the joy of the children waving Palm branches this Sunday, dancing for their Savior in Dance Troupe and singing praises remind us all that one day we will ALL live in the Heavenly Kingdom.

I have the BEST job ever! I get to share this love daily with my young friends and I would love to share this with you as well! I would invite you to worship with me on Sunday April 1st at 10:30 am. I will be at school at 9 am enjoying breakfast before the service sponsored by the Men’s Ministry. Please JOIN me and my family. I’d love to have a cup of coffee with you!

Again, thanks for letting me share the love of Jesus with your child and saying YES to Trinity!

Class News 1&2 3.16

Memory Work: Philippians 4:8-Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, if anyhting is excellent or praiseworthy think about such things.

Spelling: think, there, those, these, thirst, their, third, this, that, they, *thirty

Class News 1&2 3.9

Memory Work: Psalm 46:10 Be still and know that I am God.

Spelling list for 3/16:
chill, grill, spill, still, thrill, drill, will, skill, hill, pill, *quill*

Grade 2 finished Humphrey! Yeah! Now on to Biography reports.

Leprechaun traps are due on 3/16. I can’t wait to see these clever displays of creative fun!

Over Easter break your child will send their Flat Stanley project on an adventure. Please send in an address of an out of town relative that can receive and mail back the project (or use the internet to email us an update.)

Prayer Request: Many of our classroom friends fell ill at the end of the week. Please join with me in praying for the health and quick recovery for all our students. I missed my big class!!

We give thanks to God for our March birthday friends Luke and Isabeau. May God continue to bless you as you grow in HIS love!

Please pray for me and the rest of the staff as we work hard on the National Accreditation process. We have an amazing school and we want to make sure we clearly communicate our mission and all of the wonderful components that make us unique. This is very time consuming and some pieces are difficult. Thanks for your continued prayers!

I continually pray for the individual needs of your family. We were all brought here in God’s perfect time. I am thankful we are partners in education and ministry!

Class News 1&2 3.2

Spelling-gr list for 3/9
grab, grid, grub, grade, great, grape, gross, grow, green, *growl

Leprechaun Traps are due on 3/16. The direction sheet and outline were sent home on Thursday. Have fun!

Grade 1 and 2 next book project will be Flat Stanley. We will read the book and construct a Flat Stanley that we will mail to one of your relatives out of town (state). Please send in an address that we will use to practice addressing an envelope to carefully fold our creations for mailing. If you have a copy of Flat Stanley, please send it in so students can have their own copy for reference. These projects will be concluded after we return from Easter break, 4/9.

Class News 1&2 2.16

Memory Work for 2/28: 2 Thessalonians 3:16
May the Lord of peace Himself give you peace at all times in every way.

Religion: Jesus’s Miracles

Spelling list for 3/2:
reach, weak, speak, neat, squeak, read, peace, teach, preach, beach, *really

Grade 2 Book Projects are due 2/27.

Scholastic Book orders are due on 3/1.

Social Studies: Producers/Consumers, George Washington
Science: Animal Teeth vs. Human Teeth

Our carpets are being cleaned over break!

I have sent home snow gear. I hope spring is on it’s way and we won’t need it again for recess, however, if we get a snow accumulation, please return gear. I am trying to clean out our closets!

Return all outstanding reading records.

Please return a clean water bottle when we return from break. They were all sent home Friday 2/16 to be disinfected.

Please provide a new snack when we return from break, like previously stated, we have cleaned out our snack storage.

Class News 1&2 2.9

paid, maid, train, pail, mail, tail, sail, brain, stain, wait, *said

100th Day-On Monday students will be rotating through 3 classrooms and our gymnasium completing 100th Day themed activities. Remember, your child is permitted to dress as they think they will look like when they are 100 years old. We will be taking a group photo of students grades K-4. Please check out this photo and other posts through our school facebook site if you have signed a photo release.

We are very anxious to play outside. Please understand we are planning on heading outdoors daily if the temperature (including wind chill) is 20 degrees. Some days however, we have our special immediately following lunch and it is not worth the time getting our gear on (it takes about 10 minutes for the class to get fully dressed) to only have 10 minutes to playtime outdoors. I tried splitting the time on a really cold day but it ended up being a very long transition. Rest assured, we have so many indoor games as well as interactive games we play utilizing the smartboard (Hullabaloo). We will gladly accept donations of gently used floor puzzles as ours are getting much use and will need replacing.

Report Cards-I think we have worked out the snares in our online grading system. Thank you for your continued patience with this. Like all new things, it takes some time to really navigate and understand. Please find a completed copy from quarter 1 and 2 reflecting writing and reading grades.

Snack-I have been reminding students to let you know when they are out of snack. Please help check in with your snack needs of your child as I discourage sharing foods due to allergies.

Valentine’s Day on Wednesday:
Please ensure that your child has a Valentine for every student in our class. We have 20. Below are their names to make Valentine card writing more manageable for you. I encourage your child to write their classmates name on the cards:
Levi, Luka, Riley, Gabriel, Hayden, Julia, Katherine, Isabeau, Katelyn, Elizabeth, Luke, Gavin, Ethan, Ava, Abby, Lola, Jeanie, Allison, Elena, and Emma. (ms. Harris and Mrs. Schmidt) Thank you room mothers for helping with this day! If you have an extra empty kleenex box, we are short 7! (even after collecting them a month!) Please send in Monday so we can decorate them for Wednesday.!!!

Class News 1&2 2.2

We reacted to the groundhog’s news with great joy! Please continue to send in snow gear as we will go outside to play in snow for 6 more weeks (according to the groundhog!)

Spelling_ bl list for 2/9
blue, black, blow, blend, blind, blood, blank, blink, blame, block, *blurry

Gr. 1-Topic 5 (finishing up) Moving to Topic 6 late next week
Gr. 2-Topic 6 test Monday/ Intro Topic 7 Monday

Expo marker alert: Please send in an additional expo marker for your child as many have dried out.

Snack attack-Please send in a snack for your child daily or consider leaving a package of crackers at school.

Social Studies:
We continued learning about people who provide goods and services. We recalled the visits from school parents who shared the service they provide the community in our gatherings last week.

100th Day of School projects are due next Friday! Please arrange your collection in a creative display so we can count them on Monday 2/12. Students will also be able to dress like they are 100 years old on this special dress down day. Start thinking about your costumes now!

Grade 2 book project ” How TO” is due on 2/27.

February Reading records are in your child’s take-home folder and completed records are due on 2/28. Please return outstanding reading records as they need to be added into our learning portfolio.

Class News 1&2 1.26

Dancers please remember to wear white socks and white leggings for our performance on Sunday. Please meet Ms. Harris in the basement at 10:15 am to change.

Grade 2 poetry projects are Due Tuesday.

Reading Records are Due on Wednesday.

Spelling list for 2/2: twig, twin, twirl, twist, two, twelve, tweet, twenty, twice, twitch *twinkle

Please sign the report card envelope and return it next week. I am proud of all the terrific learning in grades 1/2!

Class News 1&2 1.19

Memory Work verse: John 3:16 (due 2/14)

Spelling words for 1/26: ch sounds
chair, change, chart, chase, cheat, cheer, chest, child, chore, chunk *chicken

Grade 2 poetry projects are due 1/30.

Reading Records are due on 1/31. Please hand in any overdue reading records for your child’s learning portfolio.

Grade 1-Addition Facts to 20
Grade 2-Mental Addition

It’s time! Please break out your addition flash cards or use the addition facts reference page located in your child’s folder for daily review. This will help us gain confidence and increase our accuracy and speed during lessons. Thanks for your help with this important skill.

Science: We learned about predators and prey. We looked at two different perspectives and thought about many of God’s creatures. We marveled at His marvelous design so that all creatures could survive.

Social Studies: We continued our discussions about important leaders in our history and how we can be leaders. Next week we will learn about Ruby Bridges, a young leader from our history! The Scholastic news book order that was sent home is full of great examples of leaders in American history for children to read about. If you are considering ordering from Scholastic, please return the order by Monday. (not the 29th, rather the 22nd)

Next week is full of activities and special dressing opportunities. Please refer to the purple letter that was sent home or the Weekly assignment sheet for further information.

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